Books, Ebooks, Audiobooks and I

I’m currently in a reading slump so no book review today, but I will be talking about a topic very dear to my heart (and most book-readers) that is ‘Which format of book is best?’. Everyone has their own favourite but for me, it has to be classic paperback books.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to often buy paperback books. Me living in a quiet area means that any bookstores and libraries have either old books or I have already read them all. I usually have to travel to the city to get new books. Going into a bookstore is one of the most enjoyable things on this earth. I try not to buy books online because I don’t trust the books to not be damaged in transit. I only usually buy books online if I cannot find them in any bookstore or if I can’t go to the city. I only ever really buy actual books if I know that I will probably love the book or if I’ve already read it and want to buy a paperback copy.

Ebooks are the format I most read. They are so much easier to buy and access but it just doesn’t hold that specialness a real book does, you know? Ebooks are also usually cheaper than actual books so if I’m not sure that I will like a book then it’s great. Also, can we just talk about bookcase space? I don’t have space for more books so ebooks are great for that too.

Now, audiobooks. I have only used an audiobook once (when reading Everything, Everything) and I just didn’t like it. I felt like I couldn’t immerse myself like I can whilst actually reading it. I know that audiobooks are incredibly useful (I’m a human audiobook for my sister) but I just don’t get that connection with the book when listening to an audiobook.

Anyway, books are my favourite although I don’t really have the opportunity to buy many so I usually read ebooks.

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