My avoidance of popular books

This probably sounds stupid but if a book is intensely popular, I probably won’t read it. I think it’s because of overestimating how good it is. If a book is overhyped obviously I expect it to be amazing but usually I’m disappointed.

I know that some people may love a book and some people hate it but when I see a book everywhere (like The Fault in Our Stars) I expect greatness. And when I finally read it (I hadn’t watched the film prior to this) I was kind of let down. Personally, I think it was overrated. Also, people don’t kill me for not liking the fault in our stars.

I’ve had some books on my TBR list for years that are the ‘most popular’ YA books. I haven’t read the Selection series, Court of Thorns and Roses (actually I halfway read this then gave up, I might try again) and lots of the other ‘main’ YA books.

I’m trying to go into books more blindly and accept that I won’t be amazed or entranced by every book I read.

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