Book Review: My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak

Rating: ★★★ and 1/2 or 3.5 stars

Synopsis: My Life with the Walter Boys centers on the prim, proper, and always perfect Jackie Howard. When her world is turned upside down by tragedy, Jackie must learn to cut loose and be part of a family again.

Jackie does not like surprises. Chaos is the enemy! The best way to get her successful, busy parents to notice her is to be perfect. The perfect look, the perfect grades-the perfect daughter. And then…

Surprise #1: Jackie’s family dies in a freak car accident.

Surprise #2: Jackie has to move cross-country to live with the Walters-her new guardians.

Surprise #3: The Walters have twelve sons. (Well, eleven, but Parker acts like a boy anyway)

Now Jackie must trade in her Type A personality and New York City apartment for a Colorado ranch and all the wild Walter boys who come with it. Jackie is surrounded by the enemy-loud, dirty, annoying boys who have no concept of personal space. Okay, several of the oldest guys are flat-out gorgeous. But still annoying. She’s not stuck-up or boring-no matter what they say. But proving it is another matter. How can she fit in and move on when she needs to keep her parents’ memory alive by living up to the promise of perfect?

Review: This book had such a unique story that I was intrigued as soon as I read the synopsis. This book did not disappoint! The story line and characters were great!

The story starts with a girl named Jackie who’s successful parents both die. She is sent to her new guardians house, the Walters with their 11 sons (and 1 daughter that is a tomboy). This story had great scene setting and the character development was great. I loved all the characters ( I think it’s kind of impossible to hate any of them). I also liked how the characters were from two different sides of life (Jackie being rich and having to adapt to how the Walter Boys lived)

The plot line of this story was great, it had a few little twist and a cliffhanger. I was rather disappointed that the sequel I’d non existent unless you read the wattpad sequel which does not make sense unless you read the wattpad version of the first book also. I didn’t read the wattpad version so for me there is still a cliffhanger. Otherwise I quite like this book. This book does have some things that I just ughhhhh didn’t….want in this book. I don’t know if that makes sense but at one point in the book Jackie goes out with one brother but is kind of crushing on another. I don’t know but I found it kind of weird but I don’t know if that is just me. Otherwise I love this book!

The characters in this book are really interesting, they do focus on the main characters but each character has a distinct personality which is great! I would love to read more books like this where a girl is put in a situation surrounded by boys (maybe in disguise as a boys too!!) if you have any recommendations feel free to comment them!

Overall this book has a great plot line and characters and although I don’t agree with everything in this book I appreciate why it is there! This book gets 3.5 stars!

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