So I feel like I’m ‘part’ of some fandoms but not really. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m not as dedicated or if I’m just not incredibly passionate but I never really reach the same level of love for a specific book or tv series which is probably because with social media, I’m not articulate shall we say. Basically, I just can’t show my love for something with words online. If you see me talking about any one of my favourite books in person I’m probably shouting, using crazy arm gestures and talking at Eminem Godspeed level but online, totally different story. I think I usually come off as passive. I definitely do wasn’t to be more part of these fandoms but I don’t know I think I have social media anxiety because I just get freaked out when I’m trying to write something on social media. (Which in my mind is quite ironic because online, you can be anonymous and in real life, I am quite the extrovert). Anyway, this post was to just let me vent because I just don’t know, but it kind of stresses me out but we are mostly good now so I’ll probably be eating cheesecake at around 3 am even though I have an early morning tomorrow…

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