Book Review: Friended by Kilby Blades

Rating: ★★★ and 1/3 or 3.5 stars

Synopsis: Compared to life on tour with her wannabe rock star mother, finishing high school in Rye is a snooze. At least Roxy has her best friend, Zoë, her dad, and her music. When her standoffish Civics class partner, Jag Monroe, breaks ranks and randomly friends her on Instagram, Roxy swiftly declines.

Jag is Roxy’s total opposite: stinking rich, conceited, and hot in that obvious kind of way. Roxy’s sure that his repeated friend requests must be a joke. Then Zoë does the unthinkable: snatches Roxy’s phone, accepts Jag’s latest friend request, and follows him back.

As the posts (and sparks) fly, Roxy begins to suspect that Jag may not be as shallow as everyone thinks, and that he may be into more than just her music.

Review: Ooh this book is so cute! The characters were very lovable and the addition of music for each chapter actually helped make the book more immersive if you will.

The book starts with Roxy, daughter of a semi-famous rockstar and has been ditched by said mother and left with her father, and Jagger, son of a rich music producer and very popular. Roxy gets a friend request from Jagger, her seemingly mortal enemy. After much deliberation, she accepts the request and they soon start talking about their shared love for music.

In this book I would have appreciated a bit more background on the parents and the neglect that they both experienced. I would also have loved if the fact that they were ‘enemies’ was approached more. They say it’s because Jagger has never talked to Roxy even though they sit together but I don’t think that was enough to make her hate him that much. I was kind of expecting that he ditched her at prom or something a bit more serious. I feel like the ending could have had a bit more detail as I feel it was quite rushed

*kind of spoiler*

(And when Jagger sleeps on Roxys porch for two nights I feel like that was a bit unrealistic and weird but I didn’t mind it all that much)

Overall it was a great book that could have some improvements but was pretty cute, especially when they are geeking out about music to each other and trying to steal each other’s iPods.

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