Book Scenes I would pay to read

I have some great ideas for scenes in books and these are some that I would pay to read, they’re that endearing.

1) The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel- I would love to see Bishops reaction when Ivy tells him that she was going to kill herself rather than him. I could just imagine the drama, I would love to se whether Bishop would be disappointed or sad or angry. I would love to see it.

2) The Distance Between us by Kasie West- The two of them going to the cookie shop and actually making them. (That scene would just be cute beyond imagination, I can tell)

3) Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer- Declan’s POV of his true reaction of when they are in the basement (The lunch bag and the almost breakdown because we k ow he’s a real softie at heart)

4) Finally, (for now) The Delerium series by Lauren Oliver- A scene I would love to see would be when Alex starts beating up Julian. I would love to see Alex’s POV for this. Also I would appreciate a REAL ENDING PLEASE!!! The open ending is too much, it’s still on my mind to this day…..

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