5 Most Moving/Emotional books I have read

So I usually tend to go for the happy side of books with a Happy Ever After with some wholesome romance. So there are few sad, heartbreaking books I have read but these are my top 5.

1) Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

So I know I talk about Noughts and Crosses and Malorie Blackman a lot on here but her books are incredible. Noughts and Crosses is a pinnacle of heartbreaking books and the message is so strong.

2) Callum and Harper by Fisher Amelie

We clearly have a thing for emotional Callum’s but this was just…ugh the pain. You could actually imagine the repressed feelings that all just burst out later in the book (although I think they kept their feelings hidden for too long) that ‘almost’ destroyed any relationship they ever had. This has extra points for the harsh backgrounds these characters have.

3) Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram

Ella in this book is so victimised and it’s so heartbreaking. She had to stay with her father who left her and her mother out of the blue as a child, her evil stepsisters are purposely making her life a misery at school and home and she has a disability which she is bullied for and looked down on for. This book gets really emotional at times although it is uplifting and inspiring by the end. Our Ella got her happy ending!

4) Chasing the Stars by Malorie Blackman

Okay, I know, another Malorie Blackman book but chasing the stars was the first book I ever teared up at. My word when I first read this, it was around the 5th book I had ever read for leisure and I think this is what really got me hooked. The storyline is so moving and passionate and honestly, I’m still waiting on a sequel!! I NEED IT!!

5) Someday by David Levithan

I think Someday also makes it for me. I found this story really unique and it really got me thinking ‘What would it be like if no one knew you or loved you?’ And that was what really did it for me. A was a great character and I could really sympathise with him and feel pity for him.

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