Why people hate books (spoiler it’s schools)

So I can’t talk for everyone here but the main reason that people around me hate books is because they were forced to read and memorise books for exams.

The books that I read in school were not (and I repeat NOT) exciting. Sure, some people may find Of Mice and Men and A View From a Bridge exciting but I doubt many of those are teenagers. The fact that they chose books that most likely won’t appeal to teenagers is why people hate books.

Also, exam pressure. I’m guessing everyone was stressed about their exams and being forced to memorise parts of a book and to analyse it so deeply that no one can enjoy it is not very helpful in the bid to get people to read more books.

In my opinion, I felt that the analysis of a book was tortuous and most people just associated that with reading any type of books. I feel that exams should not make people have reading or make reading books for an exam or such traumatic

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