Book Review: Adventures of a Teenage Detective by Nicko Vaughan and Georgia Grace Weston

Violet Holmes and the Agents of H.I.V.E. – Volume 1

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Rating: ★★★ and 1/2 or 3.5 stars

Synopsis: Violet Holmes is not an ordinary teenager because, well, nothing is ordinary when you’re the adopted daughter of the great Sherlock Holmes. Having been home schooled for her entire life she has decided to take the plunge, at 14, and attend Bardle Secondary School to study for her exams. But after a week, she notices that the school hides a deep secret, and she’s determined to crack it wide open. Are the current spate of school thefts the work of criminal masterminds? Is there really a secret society behind closed doors? Can a girl like Violet make friends and fit in?

Review: I did saw I would delve into more genres and we have taken off with a mystery! This is a comic book about a girl adopted by Sherlock Holmes and is quite the prodigy. After being homeschooled for all her education so far, she goes to school and finds out there is a series of thefts reported. Mixed in with suspicious teachers, Violet Holmes is sceptical of her new school and what it hides.

So I occasionally read comics although they are mostly webcomics, I thoroughly enjoyed this comic book more than I anticipated! The whole plotline was exciting and I was honestly surprised at the plot twists. I also enjoyed that we had a female teenage detective as if really feel we don’t have enough of that especially with Sherlock Holmes books, so this was also compelling.

I would have loved if the book was longer, I know it’s only season one but I would have loved more backstory and more details about violet and her thoughts. Although we could clearly tell what kind of relationship Violet had with Sherlock.

I also liked Violets character in general as she has a lot of enthusiasm and didn’t back down, you can tell she’s resilient and strong! I would like some more information about her two new friends though as I feel like they haven’t been given enough.

Across-the-board, I feel that this series has a lot of potential and I will definitely be checking out more mystery stories! I would have enjoyed more details and an overall longer story but I feel like this was just the prologue for the whole series.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it

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