Books I really want as paperbacks

So here is a lost of books that I want to buy again but as paper or hardbacks. Also I have boycotted amazon so some of these are so hard to buy not from amazon 😭.

1) Riches to Rags by Casey L. Bond

I think this book is actually printed by amazon (I never knew that amazon printed books until I bought All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire and it said printed by amazon) so this is actually pretty hard to get my hands on haha.

2) The Book of Ivy series by Amy Engel

So I really love the French version of this book, the cover is just so exciting and even though I don’t speak french I really think I might buy it but don’t know if it’s really worth it if I can’t read it (although I still have the ebook for it so… what do you think)

3) And I Darken by Kiersten White

So I’ve never actually read this book before but was planning on buying it for a friend. But the cover was just too exciting for me to ignore!

4) Cinderella and the Colonel by K.M. Shea

So we all know I’m a sucker for any Cinderella story but this one was especially exciting! I will definitely do a review on this sometime soon!

5) Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman

These books (especially the first one) is very important to me (and a lot of other people too). It was the first book I ever read of my own volition. Although I didn’t love the books after the first one (I liked them but to me they weren’t anything great) I still want the whole set. I originally read these from a library so I haven’t actually read it since around 2016. I also urge to you watch the TV series of this on BBC I player!

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