Why I’m boycotting Amazon + my fave (online) ethical booksellers UK

Amazon started off as a book shop and is now one of the (or the) most used book shops. Actually perhaps even as any online store in general. In my opinion, Jeff Bezos doesn’t need any more money especially when he donates hardly any to charity. He could change so many lives with that money but just has it laying around. So my morals align with Amazon’s which is why I have stopped using it. It’s quite scary how people go straight to Amazon when wanting to buy something.

This is slightly difficult as some books are printed by amazon meaning that you can get them nowhere else (abe books and book depository and such are owned by amazon so that’s not a choice either) so here I have compiled some of my favourite online ethical booksellers. Also, a warning that some of these are second hand (actually most) as I feel no need to add another new book into the world when there is a perfectly good one available, it’s just more sustainable and nicer to the earth! ☺️

1) Worldofbooks.com

World of books is a second hand bookseller that has pledged to donate 1 million books by the end of 2020! They recycle all books that are unable to be donated or sold and are actively trying to become a more sustainable brand by reducing carbon emissions. Their operations have saved 1,670 tonnes of CO2e! (Although if you are trying to find a book type the book and then world of books and it is more likely to show up. I don’t know why but when searching on the website sometimes books don’t come up even though they do sell them)

Shipping: Free to the UK- Ships to 190 countries

2) Awesomebooks.com

Awesome books has saved 87,780 tons going into landfills! They have saved 132 million books so far! They also let you preorder books and sell other used and new books.

Shipping: Free to UK

3) Wordery.com

The wordery boats over 10 million titles and 5 million customers worldwide! This is one of the biggest booksellers in the UK and offer free worldwide shipping!

Shipping: Free WORLDWIDE!! I know right!

4) Hive.co.uk

Give fives independent stores the chance to be seen online. You can choose a bookshop to support and give will give them a percentage of your money! You can also choose to get it delivered to your house or pick it up from a bookshop! They sell ebooks too!!

Shipping: Free to the UK

Disclaimer- This is information I have found but I cannot guarantee that it is all accurate, if you find anything out please do tell me!

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