Book Festivals

I have never been to a book festival. I have always wanted to go to one. Who wouldn’t? (someone who doesn’t read books but..) there are never any in my area. By area, I mean like my whole country? See I live in the U.K. and most book festivals are in Scotland ( like Edinburgh) or in London. I can’t travel that far so here I am wallowing in self-pity for my lack of ability to go to a book festival. I’ve never actually met an author, my school never had an author visit so…yeah. Also when I would read in high school, I would hide all evidence that I did. I was quite popular in high school and I would not be if people found I read books. My closest friends knew (the one I was with for registration) but otherwise, no one knew. Do I regret it? Not really but somewhat. I was friends with every clique and group as I didn’t really fit into one. The people that would read books outwardly were judged and seen as overachievers. I always had high grades and if I added reading books to that equation I would be labelled as an overachiever. So yeah I hid my bookishness.

One thought on “Book Festivals

  1. Oh my goodness! I understand this. I live in the US but I live in an area where apparently no book events happen…except a comicon once a year but thats not specific to books. Its pretty frustrating!!

    As someone who would read in the middle of class sometimes, I definitely got judged heavily for reading all the time so I can understand not wanting people to know sometimes in High School. I’m just glad adulthood makes it easier!

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